2006-01-08 bmdrv and bmdrv_leds 1.1.92 (update for Linux 2.6) published (see Software)
2004-01-02 bmconv 1.3 (simulation of afterglow) published (see Software)
2003-09-12 Windows support for BLINKENmini: blinkenTool by Manuel (see Software)
2003-07-12 bmdrv 1.1 (for old SNES pads) released (see Software)
2003-04-16 page moved onto a server with a faster connection
2003-01-01 slides of the speech in berlin are online (see Home (at bottom))
2002-12-23 network protocols described (see Software)
2002-12-22 new version of bmconv now also supports sending movies across a network (see Software)
net2bmdrv released - receive movies from a network and interactively select a source to display (see Software)
2002-11-01 slides of the speech in cologne are online (see Home (at bottom))
forum for questions and ideas installed
kernel module for the BlinkenLeds hardware (see Software)
2002-10-07 part list written (see Hardware (at bottom))
2002-09-19 game pack bmgames with Life, Pong, Snake, Tetris and Tron published (see Software)
2002-09-15 BLINKENmini hardware completed, new pictures (see Hardware)
2002-09-10 BLINKENmini goes online

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