What is BLINKENmini?

It's a small replica of BlinkenLights.

BLINKENmini with BM

What is BlinkenLights?

It was this intriguing light installation built for the 20th birthday of the Chaos Computer Club (CCC) in Berlin.
Some people of the CCC put a spotlight behind each window of the "Haus des Lehrers" in Berlin and connected them (using relays) to a few PCs. This way a very large interactive computer screen had been created.

Everybody was invited to make small movies. From 2001-12-09 till 2002-02-23 these movies were shown "on the house". If someone decided to dial a special number from his mobile phone, he could play the famous game Pong on the house.

Why BLINKENmini?

First we wanted to participate in the BlinkenLights project. But we did not want to make some films! We desired to write a few other popular games like Tetris and Snake to be used together with pong.
But that did not work out because the BlinkenLights team did not have the time to implement the interface for other games into their software. So in summer 2002 we decided to build our own version. Because we do not have an entire house for such an installation, we decided to build a smaller version by using LEDs.


We gave a speech at the OpenChaos 2002-10-31 of the Chaos Computer Club Cologne about our project. Here are the downloads.

slides of the speech in cologne (german) (bzip2)

We gave the speech again at the Chaos Communication Congress 2002-12-28 of the Chaos Computer Club. Here are the (very similar) downloads.

slides of the speech in berlin (german) (bzip2)

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